World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays

By Peter Log  |   04 Nov, 2020

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • Everyone dreams of living a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. For those who cannot afford, a luxurious trip is all they wish for.
  • Well, the perfect way to enjoy a luxurious trip is none other than staying at a five-star hotel.
  • From top-notch amenities to amazing dining facilities, you can experience the lifestyle of all the top celebrities, etc.
  • These luxury hotels are the perfect destination places for trips and the amazing facilities force people to stay in rather than roaming around the city.
  • Here is a list, in no specific order, of the top luxury hotels in the world:

1. Emirates Palace Luxury Hotel – Abu Dhabi, UAE

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • The capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi hosts one of the most lavish hotels one could ask for.
  • The Emirates Palace consists of around 400 luxurious rooms and suites with an additional 40 conference rooms.
  • Having an estimated valuation of more than 3 billion dollars, this amazing hotel serves some of the best services in the world.
  • The Palace is situated across the white sand beach and is a popular place for important conferences of big companies.
  • It has an amazing dining setting and two amazing spas too. While it might be a tad expensive, people who visit Abu Dhabi have to give this luxurious hotel a shot.

2. Archer Hotel Austin — Austin, Texas

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • Situated of about a 20-minute ride from downtown, the Archer Hotel is located in the north of Austin. 
  • This quiet place is considered to be the sneak hideout from all the hush bush of city life. 
  • The romantic night music and calm surroundings is an ideal place for all the couples touring the city. 
  • The rooms are huge, and the hotel staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. The complimentary "His and Hers" slippers are one of the USPs of the hotels which are highly appreciated by young couples. 
  • Make sure you book it early as the place gets filled up in the holiday season.

3. Luxurious Belmond Hotel Splendido — Portofino, Italy

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • "Splendido" is an Italian word which in English means splendid or magnificent. And to be honest, the Belmond Hotel Splendido is nothing short of luxury. 
  • Operational in 1952, the hotel has not changed much but it has incredibly adapted its services according to time. 
  • The hotel rooms are located across the harbor which gives breathtaking views from your bedroom windows. 
  • The terraces have an incredible view where people can sit around and enjoy the evening. 
  • The first guest of this amazing hotel was Mr. and Mrs. Duke of Windsor, so you can imagine the lavishness that the hotel possesses. 

4. The Camby Luxury Hotel & Resort — Phoenix, Arizona

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • If you visit Phoenix and you don't visit the Camby, then you probably have wasted your trip. 
  • Situated right at the end of the Camelback Mountains, the Camby hotel offers some of the best views that you can get from all around the city.  
  • There are a number of restaurants and shopping malls along the line of hotel which makes it easier for tourists to explore the city. 
  • The Camby had started operating in 2015 and it has caught people's attention ever since. 
  • Designed by Stonehill and Taylor, the best New-York designers, the 277 room building is all you can ask for in a luxury hotel.

5. Four Seasons Hotel — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • As the name suggests, the Four Seasons Hotel of Kuala Lumpur is a perfect hotel for any time of the year. 
  • Irrespective of the season timings, this luxury hotel is an ideal stop for all 4 seasons. 
  • Operational since 2018, the hotel is well known for its enormous height matching Petronas Twin Towers. 
  • The location of the hotel is ideal as it is near all the popular restaurants and shopping centers.
  • Having more than 200 guest rooms, each unique in its own way, the hotel has amazing facilities for people to relax and enjoy. 
  • There is a swimming pool, gym, and spa facilities for the guests to make them feel luxurious in their own way. 

6. Baur au Lac Luxury Resorts — Zurich, Switzerland

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • Known for its beauty, Switzerland is also home to some of the most luxurious hotels for lodging. 
  • The Baur au Lac is operated since the mid-18th century and has renovated overtime to keep up with the advancements. 
  • The hotel has amazing facilities and like the Swiss, the hotel staff is extremely accommodating. 
  • The rooms are spacious, and you can also get a room with an open balcony facing the coast. 
  • The best part about the hotel is that it is in close vicinity to the nearby shopping malls and restaurants. 
  • Make sure you don't miss a stay here when visiting Zurich. 

7. Inkaterra La Casona Hotel & Resort — Cusco, Peru

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • Cusco is one of the historic cities of Peru having a lot of architectural heritage attached to it. 
  • And there is no better way to relive these than by visiting the Inkaterra La Casona. 
  • Hosting around 11 luxury suites, La Casona will almost make you feel like you are at home. 
  • The architect of the building is second to none with antique pillars, beautiful chandeliers, and a lovely courtyard too. 
  • Make sure you don't miss out on the quinoa pancakes of their famous restaurants. 
  • The best part about this hotel is alongside the luxurious amenities, the hotel staff is very welcoming and friendly. 

8. Olema House Point Reyes — Point Reyes, California

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • Covering an area of nearly 4 acres, the Olema House Point Reyes is a 24 room luxury hotel in California. 
  • It is situated at an ideal location right along the West Marin coast, offering beautiful views around the coast. 
  • The interior decoration is also worth mentioning, designed by the top American decorators. 
  • Make sure you eat at the local restaurants nearby and enjoy the best cuisines rather than spending big elsewhere. 
  • The complimentary breakfast with fresh fruits is also a plus point for this hotel.

9. Royal Mansour Hotel — Marrakech, Morocco

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • If you wish to spend a private outing with your loved ones in Morocco, then the Royal Mansour is the ideal hotel for you. 
  • The perfect mix of luxury and privacy, the hotel is everything one looks forward to for their holidays. 
  • It has a private swimming pool and garden setting close to each individual room for people to relax. 
  • The architecture of the building is worthy of praise as it took 3 years to build this masterpiece with over 1,200 craftsmen involved. 
  • A living room, bedroom, and a small courtyard for each family round up an ideal setting. 
  • The amenities offered in the Royal Mansour are also right on point. For all the bonfire lovers, there is a private rooftop with a fireplace too!      

10. The Rittenhouse Luxury Hotel — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays
  • Located right amongst the midst of the city rush life, the Rittenhouse is one of the popular hotels in all of Pennsylvania. 
  • The hotel has a long history attached to and is a perfect luxury for tourists from around the world. 
  • The best part about its central location is that it provides a perfect view of all the popular landmarks of the city. 
  • To catch some of the best Italian cuisines, you won’t need to strive hard as all of the popular restaurants in the city are situated very close by. 
  • Pro-tip: Try and get a room by the park view to enjoy the majestic views of the city. 

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