Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World

By Sandy Morr  |   18 Oct, 2020

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • The world luxury clothing industry is close to a valuation of around 300 billion dollars! And it is expected to be on a rise in the coming years.
  • While these are just mere numbers that don't display the entire picture; it can be safely said that people are gradually shifting towards the elite and luxurious apparel selection.
  • Branded clothes not only add status and prestige to your personality, but they make you feel good about yourself too.
  • Here are some of the most expensive clothing brands in the world.

1. Oscar de la Renta

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • Having a net worth of more than 26 billion dollars, Oscar de la Renta is arguably the most expensive apparel brand on the globe. 
  • Launched by the fashion designer Oscar Aristides himself, the brand is mostly known for the beautiful bridal dresses they produce. 
  • The brand actually surfaced to the top stage when they were linked with the clothing picks for Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of the United States. 
  • In addition to this, the clothing brand has been endorsed by many celebrities in red carpets, fashion shows, etc.

2. Fendi

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • Well, the name speaks for itself. Fendi has been one of the top luxury clothing brands over the past years.
  • Fendi is one of the most popular Italian luxury fashion brands.
  • In 1925, Fendi was founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Via del Plebiscito, Rome as a leather and fur shop.
  • Amongst its collection of luxury clothes, it also offers sunglasses, jewelry, footwear, and watches. 
  • Beside this Fendi produces ready-to-wear eyewear, leather goods, timepieces, shoes, fragrances, and household accessories.
  • Fendi is best known for it's leather bags, fur goods and accessories such as Peekaboo, Baguett, 2jours and Pequin handbags.
  • Fendi crossed the 1 billion euro ($1.2 billion) threshold in annual sales in 2018.

3. H & M

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
Found by Erling Persson in 1947, H & M has been one of the top multinational brands. The Swedish brand has made sure to make its mark in the apparel industry by being associated with some of the best designers. H & M was a popular brand amongst the regularly help fashion weeks after which the brand started getting recognition. The best part about H & M is that it had made itself readily available online too. Zara Larsson and Naomi Campbell have recognized the brand too!

5. Gucci

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • Gucci has been one of the oldest and most sophisticated luxury brands in history. 
  • Considered the epitome of class and status, the brand has been a lively introduction every now and then. 
  • International celebrities including Rihanna, Harry Styles, and Blake Lively have been associated with the Italian brand commonly. 
  • Having a net worth of around 7 billion dollars, the brand is exclusively known for its excellent craftsmanship and elegant manufacturing. 
  • Although expensive, Gucci is everything one could ask for!

6. Prada

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • Founded by Mario Prada in the early 19th century, Prada is a lot more than just a clothing brand.
  • The Italian originated brand is well known for its exclusive leather handbags, perfumes, fashion accessories, and footwear.
  • However, the clothing section is one to look out for as they produce the most comfortable and elegant designs.
  • Brought to the surface by some young fashion enthusiasts, the brand Prada considers all the trendy designs of the young generation and delivers top-notch products.
  • The brand is estimated to have a brand value of whopping 9.5 billion dollars. 

9. Ralph Lauren

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • The American brand is one of the most popular clothing brands in the world.
  • Having a unique collection of clothes and apparel for men and women, the brand is very popular in America.
  • Being one of the most expensive luxury clothing brand, they have focused on making its product of the best of quality.
  • Ralph Lauren has been the top clothing brand endorsed by the majority of the celebrities including Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Priyanka Chopra, and Gigi Hadid.
  • In addition to clothing, the brand also offers top quality jewelry, footwear, and perfumes. 

10. Zara

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • Zara is a Spanish originated brand launched in 1975 by two fashion fanatics, Rosalia Mera and Amancio Ortega. 
  • With a wide variety of clothing collections available for men, women, and kids, the brand is said to produce nearly 450 million items each year. 
  • The best part about the brand is that it does not get anything to waste. Whichever designs do not get a good response in the market are then repackaged and redesigned for its consumers. 
  • Bela Hadid, Kate Middleton, and Selena Gomez are some of the top celebrities to have endorsed the brand.

11. Dolce and Gabbana

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are the two masterminds behind the famous clothing brand, Dolce and Gabbana. 
  • Having launched in 1985, credit has to be given to these two for making it's status and prestige in the market in nearly no time. 
  • It gained popularity after being endorsed in major fashion shows held around the world. 
  • Celebrities including Missy Elliot, Beyonce, and Madonna really gave the brand the push it most certainly required. 
  • The brand is said to uplift the social status through its elegant design and high power status. 
  • It is said to have won quite a few awards on the international forum.

12. Giorgio Armani

Top Most Luxury Clothing Brands in the World
  • Last but not the least, Giorgio Armani is another one of the top luxury clothing brands in the world. 
  • The premium Italian brand has been founded by the Giorgio Armani himself in the 1970s. 
  • Gaining prestige on the global forum has never been that easy for Armani as it was highly endorsed by some of the top sports professionals including Rafael Nadal, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo. 
  • Armani is said to make a net sales worth more than 3 billion dollars annually. That is huge! 
  • Alongside clothing, Armani also deals in couture and leather goods.

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