Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020

By Jess Jonassen  |   22 Jan, 2022

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020

The fuel and energy crises, along with rising climate issues have led to the development of electric cars, but so far, they haven’t gained the prominence they deserve. An electric vehicle (EV) lets you travel in silence and produces zero emissions.

This is a list of the top 10 affordable electric cars compiled considering factors such as range, usability, and driving dynamics.

Luxury Electric Car - Mini Electric

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • Based exclusively on the three-door Mini bodyshell, the Mini Electric adopts the powertrain from the BMW i3S, giving it a very healthy 181bhp and 199lb ft of torque. 
  • This clearly isn't a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sort of electric offering, but it’s priced surprisingly competitively and, if its limitations aren't bothersome to you, could be the very car to show you how rewarding electric motoring can be.
  • The pricing for Mini Electric starts at £24,900.

Luxury Electric Car - Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • Wielding a 64-kWh battery that’s enough for more than 250 miles of range at typical UK motorway speeds, or more than 300 at a slightly slower clip or around town. 
  • And, in this car, it comes packaged with much stronger accelerative performance than its nearest rivals. 
  • A bit of disappointment comes with the car’s interior functionality and practicality. 
  • Also, there’s some frustration to be found in the car’s ride and handling, which both feel somewhat compromised by its weight and the low-friction tires it uses.
  • The pricing for Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh starts at £30,150.

Luxury Electric Car - Peugeot e-208

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • Unlike other EVs on the market, the Peugeot e-208’s materially rich interior distinguishes it just as clearly as the stylish bodywork. 
  • The car rides with a suppleness missing from some smaller EVs, which often struggle to contain their body mass on the road. 
  • The roundedness of the e-208’s driving experience that really impresses. 
  • The real-world range is good for 170 miles of mixed-use, although it may be slightly lower if you spend extended periods of time at motorway speeds. 
  • For a car this size and price, that’s commendable.
  • The Peugeot e-208 will carry a price tag of £25,050 upon launch.

Luxury Electric Car - Volkswagen ID.3

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • The ID.3 is the first of the EVs to be launched by Volkswagen. 
  • The ID.3 comes with a motor mounted just ahead of the rear axle and a single-speed transmission. 
  • The only versions available at launch make 201 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque; a downgraded version of the same motor with 143 horsepower is coming soon. 
  • A battery with 58 kWh of usable energy is standard, and a 77-kWh battery is optional. ID.3 is clean and contemporary, not cutesy or overdone but quite industrial-design-like. 
  • It's not an intimidating or aggressive look but manages to appear serious and sporty.
  • The pricing for Volkswagen ID.3 is expected to start around £27,000.

Luxury Electric Car - Kia e-Niro

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • The Kia e-Niro provides family-friendly usability within an electric vehicle that's towards the more affordable end of the price spectrum. 
  • The car's 64kWh battery pack enables it to comfortably travel 230 miles on a single charge. 
  • A thoroughly usable, practical, pleasant-to-drive electric vehicle. 
  • It's roomier than almost every other EV at the price, and it rides and handles with a greater level of sophistication and accomplishment.
  • The pricing for Kia e-Niro starts at £32,995.

Luxury Electric Car - Kia Soul EV

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • Cute and boxy meets eco-friendly in the Kia Soul EV. 
  • The 201-hp electric motor maintains the perkiness we love about the regular Kia Soul and its cheeky exterior makes it just as eye-catching. 
  • Kia has blessed it with a large battery pack that can offer up to 243 miles of driving range on a full charge. 
  • The cabin is spacious for four adults, the material quality is above average, and there's enough luxury and tech features to satisfy mainstream car buyers.
  • The pricing for Kia Soul EV is estimated at $35,000.

Luxury Electric Car - Nissan Leaf

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • The Nissan Leaf boasts a range of 168 miles - rising to more than 200 in the case of the range-topping 64kWh 'e+' version. 
  • It’s also got significantly more power and torque than its direct predecessor. 
  • Performs fairly keenly; feels like a more rounded car to drive generally; and has one of the strongest showings here on daily-use practicality for a small family. 
  • A value proposition that’s also improved, and is now on a par with that of a mid-market, conventionally fuelled family hatchback
  • The pricing for Nissan Leaf starts at $31,600.

Luxury Electric Car - Renault Zoe

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • The Renault Zoe’s usability has been enhanced with a 52-kWh the capacity battery in New ZOE, which allows you to drive up to 245 miles. 
  • Easier to use and on the cutting edge of electric performance, the New ZOE comes with brand new colors, full LED lighting signature, sleek lines. 
  • Inside, the New ZOE has a redesigned dashboard, refined finishing, new technology, more storage, and available with 100% recycled seat fabric that combines comfort and respect for the environment.
  • The Renault Zoe will carry a price tag of £26,495.

Luxury Electric Car - Honda E

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • Honda has taken a leftfield approach with its first all-electric car, the Honda E supermini - which is unusually compact for an electric car, and innovative in several ways. 
  • Inside, the modern minimalist passenger cabin utilizes tactile, contemporary materials. 
  • The spacious, uncluttered interior creates a comfortable lounge-like feel. It is equipped with a 154 PS electric motor. 
  • The Honda E delivers 315 Nm of torque. The new Honda e has been engineered to deliver an exceptional driving experience. 
  • The Honda E is easy to operate, with medium-paced steering but a tight turning circle, and moderate but responsive performance.
  • The Honda E will carry a price tag of £26,495.

Luxury Electric Car - BMW i3

Top 10 Affordable Luxury Electric Cars in 2020
  • The i3 has a rare quality for an electric car: multi-faceted appeal. 
  • It combines a luxurious, sporty exterior with a smooth drive that makes you forget it’s an electric car. 
  • Helped by its innovative carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic chassis, which ensures the car is remarkably light. 
  • The 168bhp electric motor (rising to 181bhp for the i3S) offers peak torque at zero revs, and so, although the car’s top speed is only 99mph. 
  • It has strong performance getting there which wouldn’t shame a warm hatchback. 
  • Using that performance does impact on the car’s true electric range, although the addition of a 42.2kWh battery.
  • At the beginning of 2019 has finally taken the i3 through the 150-mile barrier on the real-world range.
  • The BMW i3 will carry a price tag of £25,680.

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