Top 10 most luxury trains in the world

By Dr. Mal  |   26 Oct, 2020

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • Everyone loves to travel to luxury places and explore new areas and experience new cultures.
  • While most people would focus on reaching the destination as soon as possible, very few would give a second thought to the journey itself.
  • If you wish to enjoy a lavish trip, it is extremely important that you get yourself a luxury ride too.
  • Once you have landed in the city, trains would be the regular medium of transport between states.
  • Hence, you need to ensure that you experience a beautiful journey experience, one to remember.
  • Here is a list of some of the most luxurious trains in the world:

10. Indian Pacific, Australia

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • While most people don't realize, the Indian Pacific is the only train to help you travel from one continent to another.
  • Covering a mammoth distance of nearly 4,350 km, the train starts its journey from Sydney right across the shores of the Pacific Ocean and goes all the way to the Indian Ocean resting at Perth.
  • The first ride on the Indian Pacific train was made in the 1970s and the train has been operational ever since.
  • The seating compartments are extremely comfortable and welcoming which makes this trip amazing.
  • It costs around 1,200 dollars for a single night which includes restaurant services, a lounge, and an in-cabin breakfast. 

09. Eastern & Oriental Express, South East Asia

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • Covering a journey of three nights and four days, the Eastern and Oriental Express is a perfect trip for visiting the Southeast Asian countries.
  • The train covers Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand in the delightful journey including stops at important places like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, etc.
  • Built back in 1972, the train has been upgraded from time to time in order to improve the experience for people.
  • The train comprises of a salon, a library, and 2 dining areas as we speak.
  • Costing around 2,700 dollars for the entire trip, you can enjoy all the luxuries whilst visiting Southeast Asia.

08. Palace on Wheels, India

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • If you wish to enjoy a perfect family or friends outing in India, then a trip to Palace on Wheels might be ideal for you.
  • After an okay response earlier, the train was launched again in 2009 with massive restructuring.
  • The train carries 100+ guests and has 23 beautiful coaches, each more elegant than the other one.
  • The Wi-Fi services and the luxurious dining experience really make people go wow!
  • Costing around 5,390 dollars for the ride, you can experience the food experience from two amazing restaurants within the train.
  • Moreover, the eight-day trip would also serve you with spa facilities to help you relax along the ride. 

07. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • The Rocky Mountaineer was launched in 1990 by a family-owned business and gradually became one of the most successful tourist train company on the planet.
  • Having approximately served more than 1.7 million passengers across the globe, the Canadian company has a wide range of routes that it travels on.
  • The train ticket costs around 1,600 dollars for a single night and gives you the option to travel Alberta, Washington, and British Columbia.
  • The Rocky Mountaineer has also been served with the "World's Leading Travel Experience by Train" award more than 7 times since its inception.
  • This alone makes it a worthy experience for everyone around the world!

06. Royal Scotsman, Scotland

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • The Royal Scotsman is one of the smallest luxury train to make up our list of the most expensive trains.
  • Ability to hold only 35 to 40 passengers per ride, the Scottish train helps you visit some of the best landmarks in the country.
  • Since it is operated by Belmond Ltd. you can expect tons of amenities to enjoy.
  • The 10 cars inside the train include 2 dining cars, a crew car, 5 state cars, and to surprise most, a spa car.
  • The food served in the Royal Scotsman is surely one of the best cuisines you can ever taste.
  • Costing around 2,200 dollars for a night, you would certainly not want to miss this amazing experience. 

05. Blue Train, South Africa

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • As the name suggests the Blue Train is in fact blue in color.
  • Covering a distance of more than 1,500 km, the Blue Train connects 2 of the major cities of South Africa, Pretoria, and Cape Town.
  • The train has luxurious compartments with a soundproof system ensuring complete privacy of you and your loved ones.
  • Furthermore, the carpeted flooring and comfortable seating really make the atmosphere very homely.
  • Many people have rated this train as a near five-star experience.
  • The train takes around 27 to 28 hours of travel and can carry more than 50 guests at a time. 

04. Venice Simplon Orient Express, Europe

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • Arguably the oldest train to make up in our list of luxury trains would be the Venice Simplon Orient Express.
  • Covering some of the important destinations of Europe, the Venice Express starts from London all the way to Venice. 
  • Like the Easter & Oriental Express, the Venice Express is also managed by the Belmond Ltd. who appears to be the pinnacle of luxury trains.
  • Delicious food, top-notch services and comfortable accommodation are just some of the facilities that you can enjoy in the Venice Express.
  • Introduced in the 1920s, the 6-day route will cover places like Paris, Zurich, Rome, Berlin, and even Budapest. 

03. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • Covering a range of more than 2 continents, the Golden Eagle Express gives you the most memorable ride you could dream of.
  • A perfect 15 day trip across Siberia and Russia costs more than 2,000 dollars for a single night.
  • The service offered on the train is second to none. You will be served with the ideal dining experience and the most delicious food.
  • In addition to this, there is a lounge car and a designated bar for travelers too. Believe me, the trip is worth every single penny. 

02. Pride of Africa, Africa

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • Covering a distance of nearly 2,000 miles, the Pride of Africa is a luxury train connecting all the major countries of Africa.
  • Launched back in 1989, the train journey was initiated by Rovos Rail which is a family-based organization.
  • Holding a journey of nearly 9 days, the Pride of Africa costs 2,075 dollars for a single night.
  • The train is able to carry 70 + passengers at a time and has amazing facilities for travelers to enjoy.
  • The amenities include a smoking lounge, an amazing dining setting, and a perfect view of the Safari along the way.
  • Make sure you don’t miss out on this luxury ride. 

01. Maharajas Express, India

Top 10 most luxury trains in the world
  • Maharaja is a Hindi word which means an Indian prince in English. 
  • Well, the Maharajas Express definitely does justice to the name. 
  • It offers the ideal touch of Indian culture and heritage. 
  • Costing almost 3,000 dollars for a single ticket, it has got a wide range of luxury amenities for you to enjoy. 
  • It has 14 beautiful guest cars and can carry more than 80 people at once. 
  • A private bar, an elegant lounge, and a restaurant serving tasty Indian cuisines are some of the things you can enjoy in the Maharajas Express. 
  • The train is also voted "The World’s Most Luxury Train" five times since its inauguration in 2010. Definitely worth a try!

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