Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai

By Sandy Morr  |   18 Oct, 2020

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Throughout the past decade or two, Dubai has been revamped from its core.
  • A few years back no one would have believed that Dubai would be one of the top places where people travel for luxury.
  • But we won't bore you with the history of Dubai. If you're a fan of living a lavish lifestyle, then believe me, Dubai won't disappoint you one bit.
  • Although some people may classify it as the ideal shopping destination, the city has a lot of other things to offer.
  • Here we have a list of some of the luxury activities you can enjoy in Dubai. So let's jump right in:

Luxury Brand Shopping

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Dubai is the epitome of luxury shopping. Every year, the city hosts some of the most famous shopping carnivals that the tourists love to visit.
  • This may come as a surprise to you, but you can enjoy a private (VIP) service at the malls to enjoy your personal shopping.
  • No need to go through the hustle when you can easily enjoy private shopping experience.
  • Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Downtown Dubai, all offer the best personal shopping experience where you can enjoy some of the top-notch brands including Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, etc.

Royal Dining

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Well, there is no hiding the luxury that Dubai encompasses.
  • Dubai has some of the best dining restaurants with most picturesque that would make you go awe.
  • There are several underground restaurants too that were not even in the picture a few days back.
  • The private lunching experience at the Ossiano – Atlantis the Palm is something every visitor wants to experience once.
  • Dubai Opera, Zuma, and the Tresind Studio are few other beautiful locations for dinner where you can enjoy royal dining with your loved ones. 

Lavish Helicopter Ride

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Well, as they say, "Sky is the limit". And this thing clearly makes sense once you start with the luxury activities in Dubai.
  • The flight to have an eagle's view of all the best landmarks just does not get more interesting.
  • You can take a flight ranging from as short as 12 minutes going up to half an hour or more.
  • You will be stunned to catch the stunning views of Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and so on. Interesting, right? 

Stylish Cruises

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Dubai is famously known for having a wide range of yachts and cruises that is second to none.
  • Not only are there tons of choices when it comes to the boat, but each boat is more lavish and luxurious than the other one.
  • Book the best cruise on a bright sunny day and explore the beautiful city with your family.
  • The red carpets entrances, kitchen service, and DJ system are some of the best luxury services being offered with the cruise.
  • Last but not the least, you can have your own personal photographer to capture all the beautiful memories with you.

Desert Safari

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • If you visit Dubai, you just have to experience the luxury desert safari. For all those who are not aware of this, the desert safari is one of the most expensive yet enjoyable activities in Dubai.
  • A handsome ride in the latest Range Rover zipping across the pure sand particles along the desert is really a once in a lifetime experience.
  • After this blistering ride, you would be served with light canapes and juices in a comfortable majlis.
  • The evening will round up with a tasty 6-course meal served by a private chef.

Visit to Burj Al Arab

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, if not the most.
  • Although it may cost you around AED 5,000, it will be worth every minute.
  • You can enjoy a ride around the town in the latest Rolls Royce edition and have a private beach outing with your friends and family.
  • Moreover, you can also take private helicopter tours from the hotel’s special helipad too.
  • The services that the hotels provide are luxurious and the staff is very accommodating too. 
  • Last but not the least, you can enjoy the delicious food prepared by your private chefs.
  • The royal status would be well worth your investment. 

Hot Air-Balloon Rides

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • There is no better way to enjoy the sunset and sunrise than flying across the sand dunes of Desert Safari on a hot air balloon.
  • Yes, the traveling takes about a while as you have to take a minibus for reaching the destination, but it is well worth the ride.
  • Going up to 4,000 feet in the air, you get to see all the birds traveling at eye level.
  • Then the best moment arrives when you get to see the sun rising through the mountains.
  • This mesmerizing feeling is all that people look forward to. The trip ends with a tasty lunch after the balloon trip.

Relaxing in the Spas

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Dubai is said to own some of the top award-winning spas in the world.
  • While the usual spas would offer minimal services, the spas in Dubai are one step ahead.
  • The wide range of services including the Moroccan hammam and the steam bathrooms that would release all your tension and stress in no time.
  • The moonlight swim experience and the Balinese massages are some of the therapies that people look forward to.
  • The Talise Spa in Madinat Jumeirah is the one you must look out for!

City Tour in Rolls Royce

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Well, no one loves luxury cars more than the people of Dubai.
  • Traveling in a Rolls Royce is the dream of every person, let alone the car lovers.
  • While these cars are barely found in other cities/countries, you can find the latest models of Rolls Royce car all across Dubai.
  • Make sure you do drive the car once a while when visiting Dubai.
  • You can take a city tour in the best cars around the town and enjoy the comfort of the car.
  • You can visit the museums, shopping malls, etc. at your own pace and enjoy the beauty of the city in a Rolls Royce.

Dhow Cruise Trip

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • If you are visiting Dubai with your special one, then a visit to the Dhow Cruise is all you need.
  • The romantic setup at the cruise can be the perfect outing for a couple.
  • Not only the tourists, but the locals also enjoy the Dhow cruise often.
  • The place also caters to special prior arrangements for the couples to give a surprise to their better half.
  • The 5-star cooking menu alongside the private chef and live cooking facility is all one is looking for on a romantic outing.
  • The light wind breezes with the light music make a perfect atmosphere for a romantic setting. 

Personal Fashion Advisors

Luxury things you can enjoy the most in Dubai
  • Dubai is said to be the perfect shopping place for everyone. Be it footwear or apparel, jewelry, or watches, the city is filled with fashion accessories. 
  • So much so, that you would be spoiled for choices. But don’t worry, as you can get the perfect advice on fashion through the personal fashion advisors in the city. 
  • These designers are well trained and educated on everything and will help you get the perfect shopping experience. 
  • They will help you allocate your budget in a way that you get the best stuff at the cheapest prices. And who doesn’t want that?!

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