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The best luxury and Stylish Gift Ideas for everyone this Holidays

The festive season is right around the corner. And while these holidays might be a touch different from other years, there is still a lot to celebrate. Considering the pandemic crisis that the entire world has had to face throughout the past year, the holidays can be an ideal way to take a break fro

World Most Lavish Hotels & Resorts to Enjoy your Holidays

Everyone dreams of living a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. For those who cannot afford, a luxurious trip is all they wish for. Well, the perfect way to enjoy a luxurious trip is none other than staying at a five-star hotel.

Top 10 Luxury & Elegant Perfume Brands in the World

It is often said that scent is by far the strongest sense that an individual possesses. Alongside a perfect outfit, good hairstyle, and fashion accessories, one of the most important things that can uplift your personality is a good fragrance. Choosing the right fragrance is as tricky as it is simpl

The Super Luxury Sports & Sedan Cars launching in 2021

The constant dilemma that car buyers often face is should I buy the car right now or should I wait for the new launch? While some people may believe that the SUVs are by far the most popular choice; there is no hiding the fact that the new release of sedan and luxury cars will definitely catch some

The Top 14 Richest Athletes of All Time in The World

Do you know that some of the world's richest people are professional athletes? Footballers, wrestlers, basketball players, race car drivers, golfers, tennis players, boxers - they all have one thing in common - they all made a big buck out of their passion.

Top 10 Biggest & Most Luxurious Superyachts in The World 2020

As you might imagine, the largest yachts in the world are in a league of their own, so much so that they are deemed "superyachts". Although there is no one definition for making a yacht a "super" one, Worth Avenue Yachts say superyachts are often defined as a yacht longer than 78 feet that offers th

The EC145 Luxury Mercedes-Benz Style Helicopter

Back in 2010, Mercedes-Benz launches its First Helicopter Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style. For someone, it's a dream to afford a Helicopter but for these billionaires, these are just peanuts and a status symbol. The EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style is a luxury helicopter designed to transport passengers i

2020's Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World - No. 1 will Shock you

Football is an international sport that has garnered attention for years. But do you know who are the richest footballers in the world? Big football clubs in Europe are willing to offer huge wages to top players, and social media also plays a key role in increasing these players' net worth. 

Top Cities around the World Where Billionaires Lives

Do you ever wonder where the world's billionaires live? Do they live in the secluded mountains? By the sea? Or in the hustling bustling cities? When you've got a few billion lying around, it's not hard to understand that most prefer the happening metropolitan cities.

Top 15 Richest People in the World - Top 15 Billionaires 2020

Do you know who are the richest people in the world? No, well, We've got it covered. And these guys have it covered as well! The richest people in the world have made their fortunes across a number of fields - technology, investment, software, retail, fashion, automobile, telecom, luxury goods, a

Best Gift Ideas for Happy Father's Day

The day of the year when you can make your Father feel very special is celebrated every year on Sunday 21st June. To celebrate Father's Day, you will probably see several people rushing to find the best gift to express their appreciation and love towards their father.