Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern

By Jess Jonassen  |   06 Jan, 2022

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
Years of heat styling, blow dries, harsh formulas, and product buildup may cause your hair to look less than its best. There is no way to completely restore your curl pattern after your hair has been burned, until new hair grows in to replace the damaged hair. One bad burn can fry your hair, but repeated heat exposure has the same effect. In spite of the fact that you can't completely undo the damage done to your hair, there are a few things you can do while you wait for new growth.
It's time to reclaim your curls because natural hair is making a comeback. In reality, restoring your curls to their former glory requires more than simply removing straighteners from your hair care regiment. Straightened-curly-hair products are completely different from those aimed at enhancing your curls. If you're looking to get your best curls yet, we're here to help you get there.

Remove The Damaged Hairs

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
In some cases, excessive heat styling, product build-up, and drying formulas can result in hair damage that cannot be repaired. Cutting out the damaged hair is the best way to restore your natural curl pattern. This might necessitate the dreaded "big chop" in some cases. Freshen up your look with a new haircut from your favourite hairdresser. This will allow you to start over with a blank slate.
After your haircut, we recommend that you use Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 to ensure that your hair is fully repaired and healthful. This hair treatment works on a molecular level to repair hair bonds that have been damaged by bleaching, chemical straightening, or heat styling. Apply generously to hair and let sit for at least one night before rinsing for your healthiest, happiest hair yet.

Tea Tree Oil - Need To Get Out Of BUILD UP

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
Because of the curly hair strands' natural shape, product buildup often occurs at the roots because it is more difficult for product to travel down the curl pattern. Start your curl journey by giving your hair a thorough cleansing and removing any stubborn buildup, oils, and dirt that may have accumulated. We love the Jamaican Mango & Lime Jamaican Black Castor Oil Tea Tree for this – the multi-use oil formula is enriched with antibacterial tea tree, which works to remove dead skin cells, oil, and product buildup from the hair, leaving it fresh and clean. Oil formula means that while cleansing, it doesn't strip the hair of moisture, which is essential for regaining your curls.

Avoid Doing Too Much Shampoo

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
Hair that has been overly shampooed risks losing its natural moisture, which can harm the curls. If left to dry, they'll be more vulnerable. Phthalates, which can alter the chemistry of your hair and alter the pattern of your curls, should be avoided when shampooing your hair.

Instead of washing your hair every day, use an antimicrobial rinse such as apple cider vinegar to keep it clean and clear in between washes.

Conditioning/ Co-Washing

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
It is a well-kept secret among the world's curly girls. When you wash your hair with conditioner instead of a shampoo, you're co-washing. Those of you worried about oily roots may shudder at the thought of washing your hair with conditioner, but trust us when we say it's worth it. A lot of shampoos can be extremely drying for curly hair, which typically prefers more hydrating formulas, so it is important to choose carefully. Use a light conditioner that isn't too heavy for your hair and make sure to thoroughly rinse your hair afterward.

Limit The Use Of Heat Styling

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
You may have noticed that your natural curl pattern has deteriorated as a result of overuse of heat styling. "Thermal tools are by far the most common cause of hair damage. You can't go back until you grow new hair if you've already burned it. The damage is done for good the first time around, and it can't be reversed "There is a stern message from Reslan here. To avoid damaging your hair further, avoid using a heat styling tool on it. To avoid further hair damage and restore your natural curl pattern after frizzing it, this is the only option. This does not necessitate the loss of one's natural hair colour. Consider a more protective hairstyle at this point in your life. It's also possible to get the look you want without using heat.


Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
When it comes to regaining your curls, moisture is your best ally.Curly hair is prone to drying out, so it always needs a little extra hydration to keep it looking good. Do a deep conditioning treatment to restore your hair's moisture balance. Whatever type of conditioning mask you use, it's a good idea to put some love into your hair by deep conditioning it, whether you buy it or make it yourself,

Moisture can have the same problem travelling down the curl pattern as buildup, resulting in uneven distribution of moisture throughout the hair and brittle, broken strands. Curly hair hydration options abound, so stock up on all your favourites and give them a whirl.

Restoration With Protein

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
Restoring your curl pattern with protein is a great way to do it. Protein is the primary component of human hair. Hair that has been damaged and has lost its protein can be rebuilt by adding proteins. In addition to helping your pattern, you'll also be getting some healthy, natural nutrients for radiance, growth, and strength.

We can control our protein intake by altering our diet, as well as by applying it to the skin. You can use protein masks, or you can make your own protein remedy at home.

Let Go Of Hair Coloring And Highlights

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
Heat isn't the only cause of fried hair. As a result, chemical influences such as perms, dyes, and bleaching agents can harm the hair cuticle. You should avoid hair colouring for now if your hair is feeling brittle, fried, or damaged. Make sure your hair is well-cared for and grows out before you begin a new colour treatment.

Apply Restorative Styling Products

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
Styling products aren't all created equal. When dealing with damaged or fried hair, it's crucial to use styling products that contain both moisturising ingredients and damage-restorative ingredients.

Hair care products that are high in humectants, emollients, glycerin, and ceramides can help keep your locks healthy. Products containing hydrolyzed keratin can be used to restore the elasticity and shine of fried hair. You should also look for sweet almond oil, as it contains many important vitamins and omega fatty acids that not only heal hair but also stimulate new growth. Keratin and sweet almond oil are two of the many nutrients in the Pink Root Leave-In Conditioner, which helps to restore damaged curls while you style your hair.

Reconsider Your Day-To-Day Routine

Get your damaged curls back to the original pattern
Aside from heat styling, there are a slew of other things you do to your hair that can be damaging. Think about the tools you're using to unravel your brittle, frayed fibers. No matter what kind of hair you have, using the right detangling tool is critical to the longevity of your tresses. Next, consider using a microfiber towel instead of your usual one. Your hair will dry more quickly with the microfiber towel because it is gentler on the follicles. A silk pillowcase, on the other hand, might be a good idea at this point. At the very least, experts advise that you keep your hair up in a bun or scrunchies while you sleep, or in some other protective style. When you sleep with your hair up, your cuticles are less likely to be damaged and you'll have a more polished appearance.

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