Fabulous Car Brands Around the World

By James Taylor  |   03 Oct, 2020

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
You would hear people saying that whether you drive a Rolls Royce or a Suzuki Mehran, it would lead you to the same destination. While they might be partially true, owning a lavish car brand gives you a completely different dimension. Driving a luxury car is one of the top ways to showcase your wealth and reputation. The relaxation and comfort that these luxury car brands provide are second to none. Let’s have a look at some of the best luxury car brands.

1. Luxury Car Brand - Rolls Royce

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • The synonym for luxury, Rolls Royce has been one of the best, if not the best luxury brand car. 
  • The unique branded cars when added with the introduction of the Black Badge models have really left a deep-rooted impact on the audience. 
  • These handcrafted cars are a symbol of class and chic that not many brands offer. 
  • Their niche is their large collection of colors. They have said to produce more than 40,000 colors that really took everyone by surprise. 
  • The relaxation and leisure that people experience in the car is unexplainable.

2. Luxury Car Brand - BMW

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • BMW is one of the best German luxury brands in the world. Following the tradition of Germans producing the best luxury vehicles, BMW has definitely not disappointed its audience. 
  • It has more than 15 luxury cars in different shapes and sizes which provide a perfect treat for all the BMW lovers. 
  • Irrespective of which model you choose; one thing is for sure; you will be overwhelmed by the posh cabins and updated technology of these cars!

3. Luxury Car Brand - Bentley

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Bentley is often criticized for being an overpriced luxury brand. But once you go through its features, many would agree that it is worth the investment.
  • Owned by Volkswagen, the British manufacturer has been producing some of the top quality luxury cars over the years.
  • The comfortable leather seats and the smooth rides have been really amusing for the Bentley lovers.
  • To top it off, the exterior body is completely seamless and is not stamped like all other brands.
  • The Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most running products of the brand.

4. Luxury Car Brand - Lincoln

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Lincoln is also known as Ford’s milking cow, Lincoln has made some very positive changes over recent years. 
  • Taking the market from the up, Lincoln has made some redesigning of their previous models as well as debuting some new ones in the market. 
  • The Continental, Navigator, and the Aviator has really made people shift their preferences towards Lincoln. 
  • These new editions are the perfect mix of comfort and elegance, which all one wants in a luxury car.

5. Luxury Car Brand - Audi

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Audi is one of those brands that offer almost everything for all its buyers. SUVs, Sedans, and Sportscar.
  • Audi has got the perfect collection of luxury cars. The best part about Audi is that it does not compromise on its quality one bit. 
  • The sporty dynamic, the classy interior is very pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it has the latest technology installed which comforts the buyer that they making every penny count.

6. Luxury Car Brand - Ford

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Owned by Lincoln, Ford is arguably the first car manufacturer to have used automated production ways. 
  • Its EcoBoost system is phenomenal as it uses smaller sized engines to deliver high powered results. This, in turn, uses fewer fuels which improves the overall efficiency of the car. 
  • In addition to this, the performance of the car is also worth mentioning as, despite the small size, it is a treat to have. 
  • Year by year, they manage to produce the latest upgrades alongside releasing some of the best debutants in the market. 
  • The comfort and elegance of the car make it one of the best luxury brands in the world.

7. Luxury Car Brand - Lamborghini

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • The Italian brand, Lamborghini is rated as the 3rd most luxury car brand in the world. 
  • They have a wide range of luxury vehicles that can make any individual go wow! Although the company is also involved in manufacturing motorbikes and engines, luxury cars are their niche. 
  • Owned by Volkswagen, Lamborghini manages to generate around 650 million dollars of revenue each year. 
  • The Veneno Roadster is by far the best car Lamborghini has ever produced.

8. Luxury Car Brand - Range Rover

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Range Rover can be defined as one of the reasons why people start relating SUVs to luxury. 
  • The elegant interior when mixed with the phenomenal road grip really made people wonder how SUVs can be a step to improve status. 
  • Obviously, when one spends more than 100,000 dollars on an SUV, they are bound to experience such lavishness and leisure. 
  • The leather seats and updated technology provide the perfect atmosphere for people inside the car.

9. Luxury Car Brand - Porsche

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Porsche is one of those car brands that started making its mark after one of its products caught people’s attention, the 911.
  • But the brand did not look back ever since. Over the years, they have managed to produce some of the best luxury vehicles under its name.  
  • Like all brand cars, it is very difficult to pinpoint any leaks in the Porsche collection.
  • It has manufactured some of the best car collection after 911 including Panamera, Macan, and Boxster.
  • Make sure you take a look at the lavishing interior designs and the powerful engine that really adds up to the beauty of the car brand.

10. Luxury Car Brand - Cadillac

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Cadillac is also one of the top luxury cars brands in the world. 
  • Offering an elegant range of SUVs and Sedans, it is slowly yet surely, making its mark in the market. 
  • The recently launched XT5 and XT6 have shown people how Cadillac is trying its best to get into the top 10 bracket of luxury cars. 
  • The comfort and smoothness of the ride are very pleasing for people. Watch out for Cadillac’s new releases in the years to come.

11. Luxury Car Brand - Mercedes

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • When we talk about luxury cars, it is inevitable not to mention Mercedes Benz in the same breath. 
  • Their C-Class, GLC, and GLE are its evergreen editions that clearly suffice the needs of every luxury car owner. 
  • Some might argue that these cars are slightly overpriced. But considering the comfortable rides and sporty shapes, people would love to pay that extra penny to own this beauty. 
  • It is surely one of the top brands with annual revenues ranging around 185 to 190 billion dollars mark.

12. Luxury Car Brand - Lexus

Fabulous Car Brands Around the World
  • Lexus can be termed as one of the most diverse luxury car brands.
  • Be it an SUV or a Sedan, a sports car or hybrid, Lexus has got it all.
  • It lives up to its graceful interior designing as well as a classy shape on the outside.
  • The newest editions of ES, GS, and NX all have made very positive impacts on the market.
  • Not to mention the new LS which is literally the super-luxury car every individual would be eyeing on. Looking forward to its newest editions in 2021.

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