Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World

By Zain Iqbal  |   16 Oct, 2020

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • Bagging a luxury holiday destination is the dream of almost every other individual out there.
  • Be it a honeymoon or a family trip, a friend's holiday or a business trip, a luxury and lavish holiday destination really gets one excited to the core.
  • Yes, the budget allocation can be a bit of a constraint. But some of the holiday spots that somehow plead you to throw in the extra cash.
  • These holiday destinations might be slightly pricey, but once you get to know the services it offers, you might think they are worth every single penny.
  • Here are some of the top lavish holiday destinations around the globe.

1. Luxury Holiday Destination - Caribbean, West Indies

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • Surrounded by some of the most luxurious islands, the Caribbean is a place you would not want to miss out.
  • The only problem that you are going to face in the Caribbean is an abundance of choices.
  • Would you want to stay in Barbados enjoying the lively lifestyle or would you prefer the calm and soothing sunrise/sunset in St. Lucia.
  • The crystal turquoise water and the lavishing hotels really make the Caribbean a perfect holiday destination. 

2. Luxury Holiday Destination - Bali, Indonesia

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • While people do classify Bali as a place only offering the facilities of surfing and yoga, the luxurious destination has a lot to offer.
  • The light breeze of the Indian oceans along with the private plunge pools attracts people from all around the world.
  • The spa facilities are top-notch with saunas and steamy baths taking over.
  • Each villa offers a wide variety of 5-star services that really makes the place an epitome of lavishness.
  • Make sure that you don't miss out on the delicious traditional food from the seafood restaurants. 

3. Luxury Holiday Destination - Dubai, UAE

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • If someone would have mentioned Dubai in the list of luxury holiday destinations half a decade back, people would've made fun of him.
  • But things have changed. Dubai has revamped into a top holiday destination over the years.
  • The hidden gem of UAE has some of the most luxurious hotels one could ask for.
  • The comfortable suites and superior furnishing are some of the things that make Dubai a place to consider.
  • Moreover, the spa services offered in Dubai are second to none.
  • To top it off, you have to visit the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa!

4. Luxury Holiday Destination - Seychelles

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • Considered the ideal spot for honeymoons, a trip to Seychelles would definitely cost you a good deal.
  • Summers are the busiest time when even getting a room for two would become difficult.
  • The luxury hotels right across the beautiful beaches are surely one that you could not miss at any cost.
  • It is estimated that an overnight stay for a couple would cost around 600 pounds.
  • The private swimming pools and best spa services really make Seychelles a treat. 

5. Luxury Holiday Destination - Fiji Islands, Fiji

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • For all those, you have not visited the Fiji islands yet, well you are missing out on something great.
  • Fiji Islands is said to be the heaven on earth. The smooth winds flowing across the beautiful islands brushing the palm trees provide a mesmerizing experience for all the people around.
  • Yes, the islands there are pretty expensive, but the services they provide really make it worth the investment.
  • Alongside the luxurious place that it actually is, the homeland people are also very welcoming which makes you feel at home.

6. Luxury Holiday Destination - The Maldives

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • Having more than 1,200 islands at its bay, Maldives is a small country located in South Asia.
  • Out of these 1,200 islands, 200 are private islands that offer just the best facilities and comfort tourists wish for.
  • The overnight stay at the private villa and waking up to calming sound of waves crushing the shore really makes all your tiredness go away.
  • For all the scenery lovers, this place is ideal for you! You can enjoy the perfect view of the sunrise and sunsets along the beach.
  • Last but not the least, the Maldives is also well known for the cute sea animals along the shore including coral reefs and turtles. 

7. Luxury Holiday Destination - New York, USA

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • New York is one of the most expensive cities to visit, not only in the America, but all around the world.
  • When you talk about luxury, New York is right there on the top.
  • The hotels in the city are notoriously expensive costing around 280 dollars for one night.
  • While some may argue about the pricing, the facilities they provide alongside the kind of justifies the pricing.
  • Special spa services, private swimming pools, and a balcony opening to the city views are just what everyone wants in their private rooms.
  • The food in the city is top-notch with the best chefs producing the tastiest dishes. 

8. Luxury Holiday Destination - Sydney, Australia

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • You would definitely find the city, Sydney in most of the Hollywood movies.
  • Well, this is because the city offers the most scenic views that make people go wow!
  • There are a series of few hotels along the line that would offer you the most breathtaking water views you could have asked for.
  • The hotels are luxurious and take good care of the tourists to ensure that feel like they are at home.
  • Make sure you do visit the Whale beach and have a bit at chef Peter Gilmore's kitchen to round off the perfect Sydney trip.

9. Luxury Holiday Destination - Zanzibar, Tanzania

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • Situated about 25 km from the coast of Dar es Salam, the island is home to some of the best beaches, one could wish for.
  • The white clear sand and turquoise water really make Zanzibar an ideal holiday destination.
  • Alongside the beautiful beaches, the place also offers the best spices and dishes that are worth a bite.
  • The tradition, culture, and exposure that the place is one of the most pleasing things that make people visit there more often.
  • The nightlife in Zanzibar is also very lively so you wouldn't miss out on anything.

10. Luxury Holiday Destination - Langkawi, Malaysia

Best Luxury Holiday Destination in the World
  • The long-range of Malaysian tropical rainforests are something that makes Malaysia a top destination for holidays. 
  • The place has more than 100 islands on the setup, with the Langkawi rainforest situated right amidst the islands. 
  • It is a perfect hideaway as it gives you the ultimate mix of luxury and peacefulness together. 
  • You can slide off to watch the splendid waterfalls along with the rainforests or watch the elegant display of wildlife by the mountains. 
  • The Andaman sea, right by Langkawi offers the travelers to explore the coastline on lavishing boats.

These are just some of the luxurious places in the world that are ideal for holidays. The main idea here is that when one plans a holiday, it is necessary to have a budget and make all the decisions accordingly. However, when such luxurious and lavishing places come to the scene, then it is okay to push your limit a little and enjoy a nice holiday outing. Make sure to check our website for all the latest updates on the best holiday destinations around the world!

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