100 Interesting Talk Abouts

By Nicola Carey  |   09 Jan, 2022

100 Interesting Talk Abouts

“The ultimate bond of all companionship is conversation.”

You are sitting with someone like a best friend or a family member, or even with your girlfriend. Momentarily, there is a break in the flow of conversation. To begin the conversation, you want it to be attractive, impressive and enjoyable but all you can come up with is a dull inquiry or a trite remark. You feel like a complete fool because your mind has gone completely blank.

No worries, here are some interesting topics to talk about. With these, inevitably, events will go in such a way that you will be staring at the clock, wondering where all the time has gone.

Interesting Talk About Mindful Communication With Anyone

100 Interesting Talk Abouts
  • In your opinion, which aroma is the most relaxing?
  • How do you enjoy listening to a language that you don't speak or understand?
  • Do you prefer the sea or the mountains as a landscape? Why?
  • If you had to pick a favorite piece of art, what would it be?
  • It's been a while since you've read your first novel. If that's the case, what exactly did you do?
  • What is your favorite aspect of your personality, and how would you describe it?
  • What fictional superhero would you most like to have as a best friend?
  • Describe yourself in terms of a color.
  • If you could go back in time and tell your younger self what you've accomplished, what would it be?
  • In your opinion, is there any place in the world that best embodies who you are?
  • If you could go back to any place in the world, where would it be and why?
  • Your pet's voice if he or she could communicate with you. What do you think they'd say about you?
  • What is your name's significance?
  • When you're doing something, what tasks do you feel like you're being your best self?
  • In what ways does your Enneagram type influence the way you care for yourself?
  • When and where do you experience the most peace and contentment?
  • Do you have a go-to comfort food in your kitchen?
  • Is there a particular outfit that you wear when you're in the best mood?
  • The best meal you've ever had and the best meal you've ever cooked for yourself are two different things.
  • Your home is one of your most treasured possessions.
  • If you could bestow a yearbook accolade on yourself, what would it be? Do you have an answer to that?
  • What causes you to shiver?
  • Do you know what astrological sign you are? Do you know what your birth chart looks like?
  • How are you consciously engaging in environmental stewardship?
  • Does anyone know if you've got any ink?
  • Do you prefer scuba or skydiving?
  • This season of life, what are you most thankful for?
  • Do you give back to the community in any way, shape, or form?
  • What kind of love language do you prefer?

First Meeting With A New Person

100 Interesting Talk Abouts
  • How about you? What's your favorite local eatery?
  • Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend?
  • Do you own any animals?
  • A fun fact about yourself that only you are aware of?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What would you do if you had the opportunity to relocate?
  • How long ago did you last see a movie?
  • What are some of your favorite pastimes?
  • What pastime would you like to pursue more frequently?
  • What you'd be doing right now if you weren't here?
  • Do you have a favorite holiday? 59.
  • Are there any pet names for you?
  • What's the most annoying thing about you?
  • What is your all-time favorite show to binge-watch?
  • I'd like to know three random things about you.
  • The food looks fantastic. What has been your favorite meal so far?
  • Is this the first time you've been here?
  • What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?
  • Where were you raised?
  • Are you a good cook?
  • This week, what song has been pinned in your mind?

Topics For An Exciting Talk With Your Friends

100 Interesting Talk Abouts
  • Whom would you choose to spend a day with if you could choose anyone?
  • You've done some clever things in the past, what are some of them?
  • What would you do if you wanted to celebrate?
  • If you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be?
  • You need to figure out what you're not spending enough time on.
  • Tell me about one of your best qualities.
  • Who can inspire you when you're lacking inspiration?
  • What was your favorite subject in school?
  • What would you do if you had the power to do anything you wanted?
  • What is it about you that always makes you feel good?
  • What would you do if you won a five-minute buying spree at any store?
  • What would you do with a million dollars if you won it?
  • What can people do to boost their self-confidence?
  • If you could join any organization, what would it be?
  • What do you hope to accomplish, and how do you plan to do it?
  • Have you ever received an award for which you are particularly proud?
  • In the event that you were given only six months to live, what would you do?

Ideas For Talking With Children

100 Interesting Talk Abouts
  • I'm curious what you get up to in your spare time.
  • If so, what kind of instrument do you play?
  • Do you have a creative side?
  • Discussions of gadgetry are always welcome.
  • When it comes to academics, what do you enjoy the most (or the least)?
  • With whom do you hang out the most?
  • Do you have a favorite film (or television show)?
  • So, are you a gamer?
  • Who would you pick as your best friend if you could have any cartoon character in real life?
  • Your favorite time of year.
  • Do you wish you had a superpower that you could use?
  • When you grow up, what do you envision yourself doing?
  • What color do you prefer?
  • Do you have any food allergies?
  • What is your most cherished plaything?

Funny Talks With Cousins And Siblings

100 Interesting Talk Abouts
  • Is singing in the shower something you do?
  • The worst piece of advice you have ever received is what?
  • In the last few months, what's the most embarrassing thing you've experienced?
  • The worst pickup line you've ever received? Share it with me.
  • Which celebrity scandal is currently making headlines?
  • What would you do illegally if you didn't have to worry about getting caught?
  • What's the craziest joke you've ever been a part of?
  • The last time you shed tears of laughter was probably a long time ago.
  • What's the funniest prank you've ever pulled?
  • Which film do you consider to be the funniest of all time?
  • When you're down, what makes you laugh?
  • What comedian do you enjoy the most?
  • What wacky paranoia is it that you have?
  • Who would play you in a film based on your life story?
  • What was your favorite childhood hobby?
  • Which of today's most popular trends will be laughable in five years?
  • Which fashion fad has been the worst for you?
  • What is one of your favorite jokes?

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