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If you ask a person how would they want to spend their lives; 9 out of 10 individuals would use the word luxurious and/or lavishness when describing their wish. A relaxed and comfortable lifestyle is something which every other person wishes to be a part of. An indoor swimming pool, large saunas, a brand new BMW, and the list goes on and on. These splendors of a lavish lifestyle is something that the people aspire, watching some of the richest people in the world. In case you are wondering how these billionaires spend their lives, you have arrived at the right place.

Lavish Log, as the name suggests, is an ideal platform for you to learn about the best things that hold a monetary value to it. Whether you are looking for the Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi rivalry on who earns more, or how much Jeff Bezos makes every second, we have got it all covered for you. All the luxurious things around the world will now be available at the click of a button. There are certain different things that people associate their lavish lifestyle to. While some may thing that large cars and SUVs are the real essence of luxury, others might be more attracted to hotels and cruises. Here are some of the common that Lavish Log will primarily talk about.


Electric cars (EVs) are one of the most prominent choices when it comes to luxury. Mercedes, Hyundai, Jaguars are some of the famous brands that have taken electric vehicles to the place they deserve. When it comes to luxurious cars, there are often stages where people can’t actually afford them. But don’t worry as Lavish Log makes sure to list down all the best luxury SUVs in accordance to their affordability, range, and engine capacities.

Similarly, all those people who are looking forward for the release of the best luxury cars can stay up to date with our blogs. Whether it is the new Tesla Model S or the beautiful Mercedes-Benz SL, you can find all the relevant information on Lavish Logs. Moreover, you can also keep track of what cars your favorite athletes, actors, or businessmen are driving. From CR7’s amazing collection to Mukesh Ambani’s ravishing car show, you can find each and everything here.


When people travel around the world, they are bound to come across a variety of new experiences. While others are bound by the culture and traditions, others get lost in the beauty and lavishness of these places. No matter what you say, there are some unforgettable hotels and cruises that give you once in a lifetime experiences. Lavish Log discusses some of the top notch hotels and cruise ships in the world. And by top notch, we mean luxurious, memorable, and “I’d wish to visit it now” type places.

Be it the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi or the Plaza in New York City, we have ranked all the best luxury hotels around the world. There is a certain class and elegance with these rich celebrities when they have their lavishing stays at these hotels. To know all about where they stay, what services these cruises render, and how lavish their lifestyle is, make sure you visit our Lavish Log and stay up to date.

Alongside ranking these hotels in accordance to affordability and luxury, we also provide all the details as how these hotels operate and what services do they offer. From lavish spas to luxurious swimming pools, we are here to tell all the tiny details that will make you go WOW!


While some might say that watches are just a simple timepiece worn on your wrist, they can very easily be turned a touch of class and elegance. How? Watches can be used as a depiction of luxury and fame which is why big celebrities tend to wear them. Whether you look at Roger Federer or Shah Rukh Khan, the collection of watches they own clearly show their class and royalty. It is a symbol of class and elegance that is not to be matched by anything else.

Lavish Log has several discussions where we mention the most expensive watches owned by the top billionaires in the world. We also show how these watches, when worn clearly uplift the personality of the sportsmen, actors, etc. These timepieces covered with diamonds and gold clearly show how people can spend big and live a luxurious lifestyle.


Fashion is one of the most subjective component when it comes to luxury. While some people may associate it to getting hold of the top brands, say Emporio Armani or Nike, others prefer to keep it in line with perfumes and other accessories. Whatsoever the illustration might be, it is inevitable to think of luxury and lavishness without having a though of fashion. To keep up on all the latest fashion trends endorsed by your favorite celebrities, make sure you follow Lavish Log.

Whenever one hears the word of Rolex, the first thing that comes to their mind is Roger Federer! This is the impact that celebrity endorsements have on people overall. Fashion brands are something that people wish to follow closely. Which brands are new in the market, which celebrities are endorsing the new brands? All of this information can now be available at your mobiles and tablets on the touch of a button.


This was just a gist of some of the common titles that Lavish Log covers under its blogs. But don’t worry, there are tons of other headings under our diverse umbrella. We understand how lavish and luxurious lifestyles can be influenced by different things, each equally important in the eyes of the people. And this is why we at Lavish Log try to ensure that we cover each and everything, from health and technology to traveling and fashion! Make sure you go through all our categories to get a good idea of how lavish lifestyles are worth the watch.

If you have any ideas and suggestions in relation to our content, feel free to mention your recommendations in the comment section below.

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